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Case Study: Application Localization Suite...


case study 1Client

A healthcare information management, with international clientele. Their premier offering is a desktop application used by nurses to gather ongoing information about patients, combined with a supporting web application for patient use.



Their target market is European healthcare firms, so each sale requires a complete translation of the application and website to the local language and dialect - a process called “localization.” However, the need for tight coordination quickly became apparent. For each client, the translatable text needs to be extracted, packaged and sent to a translation service; the translations needed to be imported and stored; changes to the application and fine-tuning of individual terms needed to be accommodated. With multiple target languages, the task was quickly becoming daunting.



We combined and expanded upon several in-house tools to create a Localization Tool Suite, which lets them manage the full localization life-cycle – from start to finish.


Approach & Challenges

We designed user interface, and defined additional database tables, relations, and stored procedures onto their SQL Server 2005 database, to house this hierarchical data. .NET and Office Automation generate Excel sheets containing translatable text, which are sent to translation services. On return, the Excel sheets are automatically opened and the translated text absorbed into the database. Deployment functions generate the “language packs" and update the web servers.


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