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Case Study: Pharmaceutical Brochure Generator...


case study 2Client

A top US Pharmaceutical firm.



To help present and sell a specific medication, regional sales offices around the world needed an elegant informational brochure – but differences in local clientele and culture would require printing numerous brochures, with different combinations of content. Even within a single sales region, several variations might be needed. Designing and printing so many hardcopy variations would have been prohibitively expensive, wasteful and difficult to track and manage.



We developed a custom Brochure Builder, which allows end-users to select items from a library of available content, and generate ad hoc PDF brochure files, ready for local printing or professional four-color printing.


case study 2Approach & Challenges

We presumed that some end-user PCs would be too limited to install the .NET Framework – and thus we built it with Visual Basic 6.0 and several third party components. It is architected to allow quick updates to the content library by non-programmers, and so remain flexible over time. A simple XML schema and underlying file structure were used to make the whole tool reusable for other medication projects.