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Case Study: Web-based Team Maintenance System...


case study 4Client

A healthcare firm, which provides care management services to at-home patients.



As the firm grew from 20 to 250+ nurses, staff management became complex – so they restructured into a team hierarchy, each responsible for a segment of their patient populations. Month to month workload shifts required quick (often temporary) redeployment of teams to address special client needs. But tracking the overall team structure and membership, and reporting on team performance statistics, quickly became unmanageable.



We built an intuitive drag-and-drop web-based team management system, allowing quick modification of current team structure and membership, and near real-time update of all team and client statistics.


Approach & Challenges

As the firm had a deep investment in web technologies, we built their team management utility into their primary web application. To minimize cross-browser complications, we standardized on Internet Explorer, and built a library of supporting DHTML functions. Updates to the database were handled without browser refreshes using direct HTTP calls (a set of techniques later dubbed “AJAX”).


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