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Case Study: Smart-client Curriculum Management Tool...


case study 4Client

A New Jersey State charter school.



This school creates highly creative multi-disciplinary curricula; for instance, a lesson for 2nd graders on felt fabric would cover history, mathematics, industry, science and art. However, all NJ schools must map their curricula to the state standards, and report annually on compliance. This was proving difficult. Also, their curriculum documents weren’t centrally stored, making organization difficult.



We created the Curriculum Management Workspace, for staff to create, edit, maintain, and schedule educational lessons.


Approach & Challenges

We recommended a “smart-client” architecture – which combines the remote-data advantages of web applications with the rich, responsive interface of desktop software. Users can now edit Lessons using “rich text,” save them to a common library, group them into Units, schedule Lesson activities on a common calendar, map NJ standards to lessons, and generate all necessary reports.


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