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Case Study: Web Based Utilization Report...


case study 5Client

A healthcare information company



At the firm’s quarterly meetings with their own end-clients, this client needed to show rich, detailed reporting of the efficacy of their care management activities. Given the complexity of each client’s patient load, and the depth of detail to be included, the task of generating the report could take several weeks per client.



We created a web-based reporting tool to perform multiple levels of calculations and generate a presentation-worthy report, with all necessary patient breakdowns.


Approach & Challenges

The client anticipated needing access from any location (e.g., from a hotel room the night before a client presentation) so we built this as a web-based application on a password protected server. The density of columns and rows made scanning difficult, so we provided a “zoom” feature, using DHTML and CSS. Drill-down reporting was provided by hyperlinking key statistics. Data updates were performed using backend tools. The client quickly came to refer to this report as their “Gold standard” in all discussions of performance metrics.


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