Our Story...

At Tom Kelleher Consulting, Inc. I build long-term relationships with my clients. I listen carefully, working to understand your particular circumstances, problems, goals and the compelling opportunities you're pursuing. I know every business is different, and the landscape before you is constantly changing. So
And building software is a gamble, no matter who you choose hire. So I work with you, getting inside that problem (or opportunity) with you, viewing it from the inside, to recommend and build the best system for the road ahead.
Your new software should fit into your organization organically, altering only what it’s intended to alter. It should reduce waste, complexity and turbulence without creating new complications.
Because I don’t just work for you, I work with you… and so do the systems we'll build together.

Case Studies...

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I also create (as needed) key technical documentation, from system specifications, to technical specifications, to online Help, User Guides and training materials. I also create and lead online and in-person trainings, to ensure users are well-prepared to maximize their use of the system.

What Clients Are Saying

“He brings so much more to the table than just providing exceptional and creative IT solutions... He asks probing relevant questions that aide in realizing your real desires for a particular application or solution.”

- Karen Lane, VP of Operations, StatusOne Health Systems


“You have to love the imagination he brings to problem solving as well as respect the technical skills he draws on when developing solutions. He’s a classic example of someone who under-promises and over-performs.”

- Q Johnson, Owner, Team NFP


“His problem-solving skills are very strong and he goes the extra mile to provide not only great service, but also a great product. He is very detail-oriented as well. Overall, a pleasure to work with!”

- Barbara Pagano, Senior VP, HealthEd


“I've had the good fortune of having utilized Tom's technical and business skills in positively exploiting market opportunities for several years. Tom is knowledgeable, customer-focused, technically adept and extremely creative.”

- Rich Amico, Senior VP, Healthways