Services Provided...


Needs Analysis

To do our job right, we need to understand your circumstance. So we ask a lot of questions about your firm, the problem at hand, the opportunities it might contain, your workflows and personnel, the milestones before you and your day to day demands, and your plans for this system into the future. Will it expand across departments? Should it integrate with dynamic client data? We gather context as well as content, so that our solution maps neatly to the need.



In this stage we plan the software inside and out. On the inside, we plan its architecture – its component pieces and how they will fit together into a scalable, responsive, maintainable whole. On the outside, we plan the screens, the look and feel, the “click through” processes, and present them to you and your staff for approval. During this phase, we will guide you through the key business choices you will need to make, to best achieve your ends within your time and budget.



We manage the development process straight through, keeping on schedule and budget, and calling review meetings as needed. We coordinate all the personnel and tasks involved, demonstrate blocks of functionality as they become ready, receive and process feedback, and continually improve the system.



We document our processes to suit the needs of each project: from system specifications, to technical specifications, to online Help, User Guides and training materials. And we document each stage of the development process to provide a clear trail regarding each key design and project decision.



Sometimes deployment means loading some new files to a web server; sometimes it means a desk-to-desk installation for each user. Most projects fall in between, but we’ll manage the process regardless.



While we try to make our software self-explanatory, sometimes nothing beats some plain old training! With our background in training development and delivery, we can create customized training for your staff, to get them up to speed on your new software ASAP.


Maintenance, Upgrading and System Retirement

Once in the field, software still needs attention. We can maintain, trouble-shoot and upgrade software as needed. And when the time comes to retire your software, we’ll guide you through that process, too.